Providing a visual cue to a bird that an obstacle is present is as easy as creating “visual noise”.  It is as easy as following the 2×4 rule.  Adding this simple architectural detail is proven to reduce mortality by up to 90% or more, makes your home or office truly sustainable, and is increasingly sought after as way to meaningfully address increasing public concern about rising collision mortality associated with the glass we all love.  Use glass, but make it sustainable for people and for birds!

We applaud these companies and individuals who are taking positive steps to ensure that we do not continue to lose a billion healthy birds every year to what amounts to an almost totally preventable problem.


pepco group
500 bird deaths recorded over a two year period were reduced to 2 during the same period after Collidescape film was applied.  This does not obstruct the view in any way and is only noticeable up close.  A 96.4% success rate for this truly sustainable building!