In 2019 the Energy-efficient and Bird-safe Building Standards bill (HB136 & SB314) passed the floor in both the Senate and House, but with amendments did not make the cutoff for reconciliation. Thank you to all of our supporters in the House and Senate, and all of those constituents who heeded the call to action to get the votes in our favor. We are presenting the reconciled bill for passage in the 2020 legislative session, and would appreciate getting as many citizens as possible to reach out to their legislators to help get this bill approved.

Synopsis: Requiring the Department of General Services to establish and periodically update certain standards for State buildings to conserve energy and minimize adverse impacts on birds; requiring each State building constructed, acquired, or substantially altered by the State to meet the standards to the extent practicable and within budgetary constraints; requiring the Department to reduce the lighting of existing State buildings in a certain manner; etc.

House Bill: HB0192
Sponsors: Delegates Hill, Bagnall, Carr, Charkoudian, Cullison, Ebersole, Feldmark, Fraser-Hidalgo, Guyton, Healey, Lehman, R. Lewis, Lierman, Palakovich Carr, Reznik, Stein, Stewart, and Terrasa
Status: In the House – Hearing 2/11 at 1:00 p.m. (Health and Government Operations)
Subcommittee: Health and Government Operations & Appropriations

Senate Bill: SB0299
Sponsors: Senators Lam, Guzzone, Kagan, and Patterson
Status: In the Senate – First Reading Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
Subcommittee: Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs