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We are asking that you contact your state representatives to ask for their support for this historic legislation using the Maryland General Assembly Search Tool.  Please cut and paste the following language into your message, add your personal encouraging remarks, and send.  Additionally, you may wish to follow up with a phone call.

  I am writing to express my support for HB 0986 and SB 1009, The Maryland Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2018 and to ask that you also support these Bills. While Maryland has made great strides in addressing sustainable growth for the future, an unintended yet solvable, consequence of the almost exclusive use of glass is that it directly removes upwards of a billion migrating and resident birds that die in collisions with what appears to be open sky. Losses of this significance and quantity are unsustainable. These numbers are expected to increase exponentially as the almost exclusive use of glass as an inexpensive building material continues to rise dramatically. By making reasonable efforts with strategies known to prevent loss we can incorporate this information into the design phase of projects and thereby address this issue of sustainability along with the many other worthy considerations that continue to refine the process of sustainable growth. Please support these Bills. Thank you for your consideration.  

House Bill 0986

The Maryland Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2018

Senate Bill 1009

The Maryland Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2018