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Take Action in the 2019 Legislative Session

Please join us to speak on behalf of birds and people:

Support The Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2019

  • Require GSA state funded projects to include wherever practicable bird safe features to the design to protect resident and migratory birds from collisions and to positively impact energy efficiency toward the reducing energy costs in heating and cooling increases associated with glass.
  • To require motion-sensor and/or down-shielded lights and limit unnecessary architectural and/or up lighting to reduce excess nighttime light pollution, increase safety, and reduce energy consumption.

This effort is being sponsored by the Senate Majority Leader, Guy Guzzone and several members of the House.

This effort will set a standard along the Atlantic Flyway of which Maryland is both a critical breeding and stopover habitat for many Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

This effort will help to reduce the more than 1 Billion healthy birds being lost to unnecessary window collisions each year in North America.

This effort will update the impressive standard that Maryland has already set in being a leader in sustainable design.

Please join Safe Skies Maryland, Smart Growth Maryland, Audubon MD-DC, and League of Conservation Voters to advocate for support for this in YOUR COUNTY

  • Join us for Lobby Day Training
  • Join us in Annapolis for Lobby Days
  • Meet with Legislators and/or Legislative Aids to deliver fact sheets and express support as a constituent of your county
  • Join in letter writing efforts sending a personalized, positive message of support to your Representative.
  • Help to share this ongoing effort at your club, in your circles of influence, and with others in your community.

Losing a Billion Birds a Year to collisions with glass is unsustainable, takes out the most healthy, often neotropical, migrating bird and impacts every species of bird.  The only way to prevent extinction is to make the use of glass sustainable both for energy efficiency as well as to prevent window collisions.

Maryland’s economy is largely impacted by economic opportunities directly linked to healthy, sustainable environments in which many species of birds are healthy and whose populations will remain stable over time.

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Archived from the 2018 Legislative Session

House Bill 0986

The Maryland Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2018

Senate Bill 1009

The Maryland Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2018